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Updated Data Sharing Agreement

As part of new Department of Health and NYS requirements, the Rochester RHIO is revising our Data Sharing Agreement that governs all participants use and obligations related to our health information exchange services. In keeping with earlier updated releases, these provisions do not take effect immediately, giving participants significant time to consider any material changes. As these changes are required as part of the new statewide RHIO certification process, this new data sharing agreement and the related policies will be effective May 1, 2015. You are encouraged to review these new documents.   As per our policy, no action is required on your part.

This revision of the Data Sharing Agreement incorporates new Department of Health required policies and removes our earlier regional policies and   operations manual.   The goal of this approach is to create a consistent and common approach to health information exchange statewide.   To help in reviewing these new policies, we have also included a brief “Flow Down Responsibilities” document that highlights some of the changes.

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  • An updated Participation Agreement

  • An updated Terms and Conditions Document

  • The Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures for Qualified Entities and their Participants in New York State Version 3.1

  • A "Flow Down Responsibilities" document that details new participant obligations

RHIO Integration for DSRIP:  RHIO integration is a key component of the NYS DSRIP projects.  See the NYS HIMSS January Newsletter(page 5) or learn more about DSRIP project connectivity on our RHIO Services page.

Image Enabled Results Delivery (IERD):  This feature allows you to click on a link embeded in the report and then view the associated imaging study. IERD meets an MU2 menu set requirement. Each EHR vendor needs to complete work with us to enable this service.  Work is underway with Medent(live), STI, NextGen, and eClinical Works practices. If you are interested, please let the deployment team and your EHR vendor know.

Great Support... quick and secure:   Need support?  It's now simple to give the RHIO the information needed to quickly resolve any problem you encounter in using RHIO services. Simply click on the "Technical Support" link on the left, and complete the quick form.  This message will be securely sent to the RHIO support team for quick resolution.



Current vitals

    2014 Annual Report


  • 1.3 million patients in Master Patient Index (MPI).
  • 19 Hospitals provide patient data to the exchange.
  • 1,000,000 patients have consented to participating.
  • 1,000 physicians are connected to the exchange.
  • 230 physician practices receive their results electronically through the RHIO. 




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