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Planning for Explore

RHIO Explore will soon go-live... replacing the VHR as the RHIO's clinical query portal.

Here is what you need to know:

1.  Users will continue to have access to the VHR until they have completed their move to Explore.

2.  All VHR users will need to complete Explore training before gaining access.

3.  Training options include self-guided, computer-based module, onsite training by RHIO staff and webinars.

4.  Within one business day of attesting to the completion of one of these training options, users will have access to Explore.

Register Today for a RHIO Explore Webinar

Choose your webinar session, and then sign into the Provider Portal to register (click on the Training Tab).

September 2015
        Session 1 -  12 to 1 PM
        Session 2 -    2 to 3 PM
        Session 3 -    4 to 5 PM
        Session 4 -    8 to 9 AM
        Session 5 -  12 to 1 PM
        Session 6 -    4 to 5 PM
        Session 7 -  12 to 1 PM
        Session 8 -    3 to 4 PM
        Session 9 -    8 to 9 AM

October 2015:
        Session 10 - 10 to 11 AM
        Session 11 - 12 to 1 PM
        Session 12 -   2 to 3 PM

Finger Lakes PPS:   RHIO integration is a key component of the NYS DSRIP projects.  Rochester RHIO is working closely with PPS organizations in our region to provide the interoperability services that will be foundational to improved Medicaid service delivery.  Learn more about DSRIP project connectivity on our RHIO Services page.

Image Enabled Results Delivery (IERD):  This feature allows you to click on a link embeded in the report and then view the associated imaging study. IERD meets an MU2 menu set requirement. Each EHR vendor needs to complete work with us to enable this service.  IERD is live with Medent, eClinical Works and STI practices. To add IERD for your practice, please contact the deployment team and your EHR vendor.

Great Support... quick and secure:   Need support?  It's now simple to give the RHIO the information needed to quickly resolve any problem you encounter in using RHIO services. Simply click on the "Technical Support" link on the left, and complete the quick form.  This message will be securely sent to the RHIO support team for quick resolution.



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