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Thanksgiving Hours

In recognition of Thanksgiving, our office closes early Wednesday (11/23) at 3 p.m. EST. We will also be closed Thursday (11/24) and Friday (11/25). We resume normal office hours on Monday, November 28. The Rochester RHIO on-call Support Team is available throughout the long weekend at Or, call 1-877-865-7446 (RHIO) and leave a voicemail. Our on-call team will return your call.

Time is Running Out: Take the NORC Survey Today!

If you haven't already, take the NORC Survey today! Check your spam boxes, inboxes and mailboxes. This brief survey assesses your experience using Rochester RHIO's electronic health information exchange services (Explore+, Alerts, Results, and more). Rochester RHIO services enable key clinical data sharing at your organization.

As a valued user of Rochester RHIO services, if you’re selected as part of the survey sample, we would love it if you filled out the NORC survey and told us about your experience with Rochester RHIO services. Your response is very important to us. We use your responses to improve services to the community.

If you have been selected to respond, you should have received an email from SHIN-NY@norc.orgNot sure if you have been selected? Contact the Helpdesk at

To learn more about the NORC Survey, go to Sincerest thanks in advance for taking time from your busy day to complete this year’s survey. Your opinion matters!

Annual Meeting Notice

The 2022 Rochester RHIO Annual Meeting will take place on Tuesday, December 6 from 4:00 - 4:25 p.m. Location: 200 Canal View Boulevard, Suite 200, Rochester, NY 14623. There is also a virtual meeting link available. If you'd like to attend the 2022 Rochester RHIO Annual Meeting, please send an email and RSVP to Judy Mendoza or Laurie Elston. You can attend either in person at our Brighton Office, or virtually via a Google Meet link. 



Our Mission

The mission of the Rochester RHIO is to provide the greater Rochester medical service area with a system for a secure health information exchange that allows for timely access to clinical information and improved decision making. The primary goal is to share patient healthcare information in a secure environment to improve patient care and to reduce system inefficiencies.

The Rochester RHIO is a critical link in the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY), and seeks to collaborate with health information exchange efforts across New York State.

Racism is a Public Health Crisis

The health data for which Rochester RHIO acts as a trusted steward measures access, clinical outcomes, costs, and other crucial components of care. Race and ethnicity are part of this data set.

Learn more: A committment to race and ethnicity data

COVID-19 Shines a Light on Connectivity

From the beginning of the pandemic, RHIO developed COVID-19 reports for each of the county health departments it serves. These reports sort, organize and simplify the data from nearly 50 laboratory sources for Covid-19 testing.

Learn more: Innovative Statewide Connectivity