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Rochester RHIO Updates Data Sharing Agreement

Rochester RHIO has updated the Data Sharing Agreement (DSA). Participants have 30 days to review the revisions before the changes become effective. Participants do not need to sign a new DSA form.

These documents will be available for review through November 1, 2020.

Rochester RHIO Launches New Patient Search Engine

Rochester RHIO has launched Explore+, Your Patient Information Connection. Explore+ is an advanced clinical query portal that is flexible and responsive to the ever-evolving needs of Health Information Exchange (HIE). This innovative patient search technology is created specifically for the multiple and often complex demands of HIE data environments.

Explore+ went live in September with an intuitive interface that features better data characterization and improved options for authorized users to view clinical data. Users can view data  by encounter, timeline or expression. The third option, the expression view, is new for users. The new, modern design further improves access to patient menus and puts historical consent at their fingertips.

“Rochester RHIO advances patient care through innovation and better access to health data—a commitment that has earned us the reputation as an HIE pioneer since our founding more than a decade ago,” said Jill Eisenstein, CEO & president of Rochester RHIO. “The flexibility that we have achieved with the debut of Explore+ allows us to be more responsive to our community of partners across 14 counties, anticipating and meeting their needs more quickly, efficiently and effectively.” 

Our Mission

The mission of the Rochester RHIO is to provide the greater Rochester medical service area with a system for a secure health information exchange that allows for timely access to clinical information and improved decision making. The primary goal is to share patient healthcare information in a secure environment to improve patient care and to reduce system inefficiencies.

The Rochester RHIO is a critical link in the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY), and seeks to collaborate with health information exchange efforts across New York State.

Emergency Preparedness

RHIO has partnered with state and county governments and emergency services organizations, ensuring critical data is available in times of crisis. In case of a State-declared emergency, family members can more rapidly locate loved ones receiving medical care across the region.

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Cross-Sector Data Exchange

Privacy and security of personal data is more important than ever in today's digital age. Rochester RHIO has commissioned the Cross-Sector Data Exchange: Data Use and Legal Privacy white paper to address the legal issues and opportunities associated with emerging applications. 

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Increased Data Sources

When healthcare and community-based organizations (CBOs) connect with RHIO to share secure electronic data, patients benefit from harmonized communication and reduced workflow inefficiencies.

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Tackling the Opioid Crisis Through Data Exchange

By engaging health homes and corrections in an innovative data exchange collaboration, RHIO is supporting the battle against the opioid crisis in our communities.  

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