Learn About Updates to the Rochester RHIO Minor Consent Process

For Pediatricians & Clinicans Treating Minors

Rochester RHIO provides valuable clinical information about pediatric patients for treating providers and clinicians. The Rochester RHIO Minor Consent form is a one-time, override consent form for the requesting provider during that specific visiting only and does not change the consent status at other providers with whom the minor may have a treating relationship. A minor's PHI can still be accessed during a life-threatening event by emergency medical staff, even if there is a "no" consent form on file.

The Minor Consent form MUST be faxed or mailed to the Rochester RHIO for processing. Important: Minor consent forms are tracked manually and cannot be part of auto-consenting. Information available through the RHIO may include sensitive health information and will not be disclosed to parents. Learn more...

New RHIO Admin Attestation Feature is Live!

For RHIO Admins

Rochester RHIO has improved the RHIO Admins' User Access tab. As a Qualified Entity (QE) in New York State, these enhancements ensure the appropriateness of user access and the importance of security compliance. These new workflow requirements include six updates. Read more...