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Solution Spotlight: Transfer to PACs service improves image data interoperability

The Rochester RHIO continues to improve image data interoperability and has expanded its services by offering the Transfer to PACS service in conjunction with eHealth Technologies. This additional service empowers clinicians working in radiology or cardiology imaging departments to access a list of all external imaging studies for their patients from the Rochester RHIO Explore query portal. Needed images are automatically transferred into their local PACS system. Previously, clinicians could only view images.

“I really do love the Transfer to PACS workflow,” said Diana Frillici, Medical Records and PACS Administrator at Elizabeth Wende Breast Care. “It is much faster than using CDs, and it is very convenient that the images go directly to the patient medical record, rather than having to reconcile the record after a patient’s images are imported. We are looking forward to finding ways of working together with the Rochester RHIO to increase opportunities for use.”