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2017 Rochester RHIO Participant Satisfaction Survey Results are in!

Users gave a 9 out of 10 on the likelihood of recommending Rochester RHIO to another userThanks to Rochester RHIO’s partnership with FLPPS and Project Contribute efforts, our area's community Health Information Exchange (HIE) increased the number of data sources contributing information to more than 500 in 2017. This means that patient’s records are more complete than ever and authorized users can find even more information through RHIO’s clinical query portal Explore. Overall participant satisfaction with the Explore service increased by 9 percent.

Also, the Deployment Team changed their name to Community Services, and our five Regional Account Representatives completed over 1,000 in-person site visits with participants. The team looks forward to increasing visits again in 2018.

Again, Rochester RHIO saw satisfaction increases with all services in 2017 including Image Exchange, MyResults Delivered, and DIRECT. Overall, 93 percent of the words used to describe Rochester RHIO in the survey were positive! Participants said Rochester RHIO is useful, reliable, efficient, and high quality. Also, on a scale of 1-10, respondents said they were highly likely to recommend Rochester RHIO to another person. They gave us a 9 on the likelihood of recommendation.

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