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Ensuring Quality Data

Complete, accurate data is essential for high quality health care. With the movement toward value-based payment, Rochester RHIO is focused on ensuring quality data and completeness. RHIO works diligently to identify gaps between health care data currently collected by clinicians and community organizations, and emerging data needs required for quality reporting.

Approximately 20 percent of clinical care documents (C-CDAs) from new data sources are incomplete at first, but then, Rochester RHIO technical and clinical staff step in to help close these gaps in data reporting

Through ever-deepening relationships with the community's healthcare providers, and grant support from the Greater Rochester Health Foundation, RHIO's Medical Director Tarun Kothari, M.D. flags missing data elements, then contacts physicians directly to help them understand the importance of data quality and operating requirements. In parallel, Rochester RHIO helps organizations identify data gaps where Common Clinical Data Set elements vary in electronic health records (EHR) systems and require vendor correction.