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RHIO Featured in Rochester Business Journal

Rochester RHIO's CEO and President Jill Eisenstein was recently profiled in the Rochester Business Journal, the city's leading source of business news. Jill is described in the article as a "fierce advocate" ensuring that "the medical community and all of us who are connected to the RHIO have the right information so that we can help people..."

Reporter Bennett Loudon does an excellent job breaking down the business of the RHIO and challenges associated with health information exchange. He also captures Jill's personality, and highlights Rochester RHIO's role supporting public health and the community during the pandemic.

"Just as it would have been difficult decades ago to imagine a pandemic scenario like the one we’re all living through today, most of us also could not have envisioned an electronic
information system like the one managed by Jill Eisenstein, that provides critical data in real time for health care professionals battling the COVID-19 outbreak."

Read the full article in the Rochester Business Journal.