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Using COVID-19 Alerts to Streamline Your Workflow

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to march across the United States. While local public health data shows that hospitalizations in the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier regions remain lower than other parts of the country, testing for the coronavirus remains steady, and Rochester RHIO continues to deliver hundreds of COVID-19 lab results to participating providers in our region on a daily basis.
NYSDOH continues to collect test results from various labs and temporary testing centers across the state. Rochester RHIO continues to receive these test results from the state and push them into the health information exchange. Instead of daily results though, the candence for these statewide COVID-19 reports is now weekly.
COVID-19 test result notifications continue to be available for participants as an Alerts service. Notifications will be sent to providers who have an established relationship with patients. Specifically, providers will be notified that a patient has received a COVID-19 screening test, and the results of that screening (positive or negative).
If you'd like to learn more about COVID-19 Alerts, or general Alerts services, fill out this form at, or call our Support Team at 1-877-865-7446 (RHIO).

By: Judy S. Mendoza

Contributing: Murali Krishnan.R