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CEO Highlights SDOH Data at FLPPS Showcase

Jill EisensteinRochester RHIO CEO Jill Eisenstein highlighted innovations in social determinants of health data (SDOH) at the FLPPS Showcase in August.
Jill spoke about the expanding definintion of SDOH data and what types of SDOH data are currently available to providers today in the RHIO's health information exchange.
Jill indicated there is more robust community homeless data in the RHIO than originally assumed. RHIO is delving into the details of how this data is documented in order to support vulnerable populations.
In addition, Jill highlighted two EMS data sources: Monroe Ambulance and Finger Lakes Ambulance. Ambulance calls appear in the record as a patient encounter with an ambulance. Eisenstein said 80 percent of calls to 911 often don’t result in transportation to a hospital. If a patient has mutiple ambulance encounters, a treating doctor will be able to see such visits in the patient record and the reasons for the calls. The RHIO plans to expand EMS connectivity into the fall and winter.
Rochester RHIO continues to innovate in the area of SDOH data. RHIO is currently working on a "data dictionary" project, which is a deep dive that will clearly identify the types of data that are available for research purposes. Also, RHIO will continue to add new EMS data sources in the fall and winter through the state's DEIP program.