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Rochester RHIO Begins Recruiting Process Transformation

Like other organizations, Rochester RHIO was impacted by the “Great Resignation” in 2021. To stay competitive, RHIO looked at new and innovative ways to retain employees and attract candidates. In 2022, RHIO was approved to be a Cap-exempt employer by the U.S. government. RHIO also hired its first international, co-op student from RIT. The company also made improvements to its time off policy to retain employees. This also supports the pledge we made in 2020 to support diversifying our workforce. 

Judy Mendoza

To be Cap-exempt means that the organization is exempt from the timeframe or limits that governs the 85,000 application cap and can file H-1B applications without going through H-1B cap process via the federal government. In 2022, only 25% of applicants were approved through the limited federal program.

“The implementation of these job market strategies, along with allowing employees to work remotely, allowed the organization to compete for high quality talent, especially with more local tech talent working remotely for large west coast companies like Amazon, Oracle and Zillow.” – Judy Mendoza, VP of Administration.