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Rochester RHIO Supports Community Data Access for Patients - Coming in 2023

In an exciting step forward, Rochester RHIO is the first health information exchange in the country to partner with Invitae, formerly Ciitizen, on the launch of the Cures Gateway so patients can access their community data from across the region and the state. While this supports compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act, the benefits to patients is so much larger. The Cures Gateway allows patients, especially those with complex or critical care needs, a secure, single point of entry to access multiple data sources at one time and put that data into an app of their choosing. This allows patients to share their information easily in order to participate in a clinical trial, or share their information with another care provider, especially one who may be out of state.

In 2023, the Cures Gateway allows patients ease of access to their data. It doesn’t replace a patient using their physician portal. Patients will still need to access their physician portals to make appointments, pay bills, communicate with their provider, etc.  What the Cures Gateway provides is ease of use and data transfer for patients in a secure, simple way. 

This is innovation: when 1.5 million residents across the Greater Finger Lakes Region can download and view their personal health data (from over 1,100 data sources) in just a few simple clicks.

Watch a demonstration of the new service, which is scheduled to be made available to the public in Q1 of 2023. For more information on accessing your patient data today, go to and click Access My Health Data.

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