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Schuyler County—Schuyler Hospital

2021 Annual Report: 15 Stories for 15 Years
Schuyler Hospital sees patients who are being treated by many other providers outside of the facility. That’s where Rochester RHIO comes into play, ensuring that patients’ information from treatments and encounters across the region is accessible through the hospital’s own clinical electronic health records system. 
“Rochester RHIO helps our providers stay informed of what is happening to their patients who see providers who are outside our facility by receiving shared information, such as test results,” says Wendy Collins, IT applications supervisor. Schuyler Hospital
Information not only flows to Schuyler, but they contribute data as well. Bi-directional data sharing makes their patient records available for authorized providers elsewhere—not only among RHIO users, but statewide thanks to the SHIN-NY. 
“The Rochester RHIO helps our providers to better manage the health of their patients, improving care at Schuyler and helping our colleagues across New York do the same,” she says.