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Seneca County—Finger Lakes Health

2021 Annual Report: 15 Stories for 15 Years
“Rochester RHIO has made tremendous strides in our region to improve communication and the sharing of medical information, in a way that promotes coordination of care and enhanced well-being for the patients we serve,” says Andre Forcier, senior director of Physician Network at Finger Lakes Health.
The group uses Rochester RHIO’s Results Delivery and Explore+ every day to improve patient care.
Finger Lakes Health
“When our providers order a lab test, the digital results get delivered and automatically link to the original requisition in our electronic medical record, eliminating the need for paper,” says Forcier. “The structured format of incoming lab values allows us to generate reports to evaluate quality of care and improve population health. The same is true for radiology and other diagnostic tests.”
Through RHIO, Finger Lakes Health can also access patient test results that weren’t ordered by one of their providers. 
“If a patient has had testing done elsewhere and provides consent, our office can obtain those results without having to contact the testing site.” Up-to-date, longitudinal records help Finger Lakes Health make medical decisions faster to provide the best care.