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Wayne County - Protecting the Well-Being of Its Residents

2021 Annual Report: 15 Stories for 15 Years
Wayne County Public Health works to protect the well-being of its residents—and a large portion of its staff time is focused on reducing and eliminating the spread of infectious disease.
Even long before the pandemic, the department relied on Rochester RHIO data. Test results and medical treatments for reportable public health disease investigations related to certain communicable diseases—like tuberculosis, Hepatitis A, and more recently, COVID-19—are simple to access securely and quickly, as well as related contact information.
More than ever in public health, acting fast is crucial. Wayne County Public Health
“Rochester RHIO makes our job easier,” says Diane Devlin, RN, MS, BSN. “We don’t have to wait for calls from physicians or snail mail to arrive, which can take days. Instead, we get results in real time and can reach out to those who are affected to take action.”
In some situations, the department is unable to connect with an individual after multiple attempts.
“Sometimes a person we are trying to contact is unreachable, possibly because he or she is temporarily in medical facility or has moved. The RHIO helps us locate a relative or other alternative contact.”
Having the latest information also aids staff in providing support to families when they most need it.
“We’ve experienced circumstances where we learn through RHIO that the person we are trying to reach is in the hospital or has passed away. Our staff is then able to offer social supports the family may need, while also taking steps to keep them and the community safe.” 
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